Thursday, August 7, 2008


Okay so this is it colored. I ain't the best in coloring but I'm workin' on it. I was gonna make the woman's hair blonde/pink but I saw an episode of Venture bros. with a woman who had pink hair and found her astounding. So I tried it out. I think it looks good. So anyways for this story I'm thinking of doing it as a book, not a comic book. If you don't get what I'm talking about it's pretty simple. Go and get Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo. It's awesome. Joe Kelly wrote the story and Bachalo drew the illustrations for it. Go and buy it. I'm thinking of doing the same since this story is kind of a backstory. And what better way to tell a backstory than by showing it as a tale.

Just hope I can jump on that soon...

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